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Anthro 3.6.08 Cave painting animals have distended stomachs, like pregnant or showing the meaty part. Many of the animals have spears sticking out of them to try for magic hunting. They kill the animal indoors then go out and try to do it for real. Origins of Agriculture Between 9000 and 2000 BC, plants and animals were domesticated independently in many different parts of the world. We took control of the reproduction systems of plants and animals Rice domesticated about 9000 years ago in Fertile Crescent
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Unformatted text preview: People domesticated plants for seeds-had much carbohydrates 3 cradles of agriculture-Meso-American Mexico (Aztec, Maya) Corn-6-7 Thousand Years Ago –contains 19 of 20 central amino acids Beans difficult to digest Squash-has enzyme to cut up protein (Helps digest Beans) No important domesticated animals-Neotropics-don’t know much about-hasn’t been studies extensively-Potatoes, llamas, guinea pigs...
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