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Anthro 3.13.08 - 7500 BC-one of most controversial finds...

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Anthro 3.13.2008 Ancient Egyptian architecture and art is very well preserved Preclovis- older then 10000 years Paleo Indian –comparable to Paleolithic-younger than preclovis-short time period-define by a specific spear point Clovis-New Mexico-extinct bison bone with spear point in it Clovis-fluttered spear tips Kenniwick man-Washington st Found in 90’s Was he first American?
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Unformatted text preview: 7500 BC-one of most controversial finds ever-People fight over what should be done with skeleton Facial reconstructions are disputed Wooly Mammoth- big hairy extinct thing-found near by in wisco when trying to drain an area bones were found scattered-done by people who chopped up and moved bones-clearly humans were responsible for these mammoth deaths...
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