Anthro 3.27.08

Anthro 3.27.08 - Platforms Ware jaguar-half human, half...

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Anthro 3.27.08 Test Monday April 7 th 6-7 pm 6210 social science. The Olmec: 1500-500 BC -first cities -early evidence of writing -complex social structures Was the Olmec the mother or sister of other cultures surrounding it? Probably a little of both. Most of what we know about Olmecs is the Elites. San Lorenzo: First Olmec city -Earthen platform mound -Ritual and ceremonial center -At center of city there was a platform. 17 Big stone head statues of leaders-has holes drills inside -possible reasons: Being carved to other form, trying to release spirits, showing the end of their rule Eventually abandoned Possible reasons: Change in River, Leadership, spurred rise in city of La Venta La Venta: Meso America’s first pyramid -probably not a burial mound -over 100 ft tall -focal point of city -not yet excavated -made of packed earth. Plaza of city well symmetrical and well planned: mound on both sides
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Unformatted text preview: Platforms Ware jaguar-half human, half jaguar The Cascajal block Need a bilingual scripture to decipher Video on La Venta Mucho Carved Jade Monolithic flat topped alters Clay main construction material, also used stone Built about 800 BC-first religious center Built in Phases This period was marker by white sandy clay court flooring Red clay finally put over all Site completely symmetrical Thought to be astronomically aligned Several tombs are thought to be burials of priests-places accurately along center lines-lots of jade found in and around graves-Mirrors made of metals with 9 stones on each side 16 figurines each faced in cluster towards center Jaguar was favorite Olmec Deity Hole was built, filled with stone layers, then the mask put on, then clay, then alter on top....
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Anthro 3.27.08 - Platforms Ware jaguar-half human, half...

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