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Tori 1 Greg Tori Dr. Stryz WRA 150 Section 21 1 October 2007 The Boy Crisis Should men be concerned about the sharp increase of women entering college? Absolutely not. Select surveys are reporting results which are supposedly proving reason for people to believe women are accelerating passed men in education and becoming the dominant gender. "Widespread paranoia about a crisis for boys is basically overblown,” the Education Sector's, Sara Mead, stated (Education 4). The cause of this is being portrayed as boys not caring about their education nearly as much as girls. However, this is certainly not the case. In order to recognize what is truly happening, one must look passed the hyped statistics and realize what is taking place in our society. By understanding the change in our society in recent years and by not basing our perception on a few statistics, it becomes quite apparent women are not becoming the dominant gender. Studies have shown that the ratio of men and women enrolled in higher education has gone back and forth over the past century. From 1900 to 1930, the ratio was equal in the United States. It was not until post-World War Two when the ratio favored the men’s side of the scale. When the 1980s came around, the ratio once again leveled out (Gender 4). By examining the tendency in this ratio over the past century, one may even have been able to predict that the current ratio of men versus women in college now favors the women. There are particular reasons behind the fluctuation in the ratio and those reasons all relate to what is taking place at the given time in society.
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The drastic change in statistics relating men and women in education is caused by the major change in society which every one of us is witness to today. Even to this day, if asked to explain a typical husband and wife lifestyle, society is geared to think one way. Most would respond with describing the man as the “head of the household” who works the nine to five job and keeps the food on the table. Meanwhile, the woman is still stereotyped as the “stay-at-home soccer mom” whose career consists of taking care of the children, rather than taking care of clients. That stereotype now could not be farther from the truth. In fact, less than seven percent
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Essay 1 - Tori 1 Greg Tori Dr. Stryz WRA 150 Section 21 1...

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