FINAL PAPER - Tori 1 Greg Tori Dr Stryz WRA 150 November...

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Tori 1 Greg Tori Dr. Stryz WRA 150 Section 21 12 November 2007 The Truth of Animal Testing The murderous treatment of millions of animals must be put to an end. The practice of these cruel animal experimentations is not only a major ethical concern, but an incredibly dangerous hazard to the global community as well. The ethical aspect of these horrible tests alone is enough to call for an immediate halt on any animal testing program. However, when the truth of the level of risk caused by the inaccuracy of these animal tests to humans is realized as well it becomes blatantly obvious why these methods are absolutely absurd. It has even been admitted by scientists that animal testing has caused a major delay in finding cures for many diseases and has led them to believe false theories about these diseases as well (Animal 22). Large groups have been developed to help spread the truth of animal testing such as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Animal Rights International (ARI). PETA as well as ARI are companies helping to unveil what really transpires at these laboratories behind closed doors. What has been discovered about the actual abuse of these defenseless animals through such companies is truly deplorable. By recognizing the inhumane treatment of animals, delay in medical advancement, and the severe risk these malicious acts are posing on our own human society, it becomes clear the use of animal testing must be stopped. Several organizations are helping expose the true horrors taking place at locations of animal experimentation. One of the largest of these organizations is PETA. PETA has been uncovering the mistreatment of animals in general since 1981 and has been immensely helpful in
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reducing animal cruelty. PETA gets their information from either an anonymous person working at a location of animal testing who wanted to report illegal abuse or from sending an undercover
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FINAL PAPER - Tori 1 Greg Tori Dr Stryz WRA 150 November...

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