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Greg Tori Dr. Stryz WRA 150 Section 21 6 December 2007 Boundary Violations Personal boundaries are what make an individual who they are. These boundaries are created by values important to the person. No other human, or any being for that matter, has the right to interfere with those boundaries. Throughout the novels of Lilith's Brood , it appears as though the Oankali are guilty of such violations of the humans' boundaries. However, the situation is vastly different when the "violators" have the capabilities that the Oankali have. The Oankali possess special abilities which allow them to sense what a human needs, desires and what is best for them. Never are the actions of Oankali violent towards the humans without those actions being self-defense. The goal of the Oankali was not to hurt the humans, but rather save them. After learning about the knowledge and ability of the Oankali, the humans should all have let their boundaries down and realized that they were being helped. The only violations of a human boundary being performed without the good of the human race as the goal was being done by the humans. The actions taken by the Oankali not only saved the humans from each other but also greatly improved their lives on Earth after the war. The interference of the Oankali saved the lives of many humans. An example of substantial assistance from the Oankali that would have been refused transpired during the early- going of Lilith's awakening in the novel, Dawn . During a conversation with Nikanj, Lilith is informed that the Oankali had performed the task of strengthening her immune system and increased her resistance to diseases. Lilith then responded by saying, "We used to treat animals that way," displaying her bitter disapproval to the action taken by the Oankali without her consent. Without the medical aid given to Lilith, she would have died from the cancer that was
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removed from her body. Another example of lives being saved by the Oankali came about in the beginning of the book, Dawn
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Final Draft - Greg Tori Dr Stryz WRA 150 Section 21 6...

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