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WRA - up for what we feel is right and to be weary of...

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Sylvan Barnet wrote a very interesting and insightful first chapter of his book "From Critical Thinking to Argument." In his text, he explores the relationship between analysis and critical analysis, and how the two are starkly different upon comparison. I very much enjoyed his argument on idle day dreaming versus dream analysis. I took a course on dream analysis in high school and wrote my thesis paper for a Film Study class on the relationships of colors and characters. I have always taught myself to be an in-depth thinker; I thrive on my ability to find patterns and associate logical arguments with their respective counterparts. Barnet wrote an interesting point when he discussed that we should "adopt a skeptical state of mind." The essence of our rights and liberties serves on this notion; we, as citizens, have the ability to challenge laws and decisions, to stand
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Unformatted text preview: up for what we feel is right, and to be weary of anything we deem harmful or suspicious. Its a very important skill to learn to question your own assumptions. Sometimes, a persons' first judgment may not always be right. There have been countless times where during an impromptu essay, I'd get to the 2nd body paragraph and realize I didn't agree with what I was originally writing with. Barnet's final argument on law in comparison to the real world proved both logical and accurate. Law is a yes or a no topic. Defendants are typically found guilty or not guilty. In most other venues, however, there is room for compromise. While jurors do critically think and analyze the lawyers' arguments and come to a general conclusion, it is my opinion that it is our civil duty to find a medium and pacify both sides of a dispute....
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