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Advertisement Paper

Advertisement Paper - Joel Karpowitz English 015 27 January...

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Joel Karpowitz English 015 27 January 2006 The Use of Rhetoric in Advertising In everyday life it is difficult to go for more than a few minutes without encountering an advertisement. Advertisements can serve many different purposes. First and foremost, it acts to catch the attention of the viewer; it is not until this point that an ad can actually work towards whatever its ultimate goal may be. With most cases, the ultimate goal of the advertisement is to persuade the viewer to buy the company’s product. If the viewer is swayed by the advertisement then he or she would go out to purchase it. Often advertisements contain certain techniques or elements that subconsciously affect the viewer. The purpose is to not make it too obvious all the while still persuading the viewer. This text, a recruitment ad for the U.S. Army, displays all these common characteristics, some of which include: the main image, the timeline, the block of text, and the emblem or logo. At first glance the advertisement is rather simple. The main focus of the ad is Staff Sergeant Victor Hendricks, who appears in the foreground. You can see in the blurred background two other soldiers, both of whom appear to be much less important, as far as this ad goes. The scene is sepia-tinged in color. The color theme is dark and gloomy, with many browns and blacks. Across Hendricks chest is a small timeline, showing the date of when he became a soldier. In the bottom left corner there is a block of text, while in the bottom right corner there is the U.S. Army logo with the slogan
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“Strength for now. Strength for later.”. What seems like a very simple advertisement has
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Advertisement Paper - Joel Karpowitz English 015 27 January...

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