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Parking Space Essay - spaces This is not even taking into...

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Joel Karpowitz English 015 31 March 2006 Parking Space Proposal There are many reasons why Penn State is considered a top of the line university. It is a cut above the rest, and many other schools strive to resemble Penn State in one way or another. Whether it is the beautiful campus, the excellent facilities, the exceptional academics, or the contagious school pride, this school clearly exemplifies superbness in many facets. Although the university has many upsides to it, there is one major problem that quickly comes to mind—the lack of visitor parking. There simply is not an adequate amount of space for the large amount of visitors that frequent Happy Valley. With over 40,000 students who attend the University Park campus, the availability of parking is definitely an issue. There are a number of available parking lots, three parking decks, and parking meters accessible on campus right now. Although this may seem like an adequate amount, the large student body easily fills the available
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Unformatted text preview: spaces. This is not even taking into account the huge number of visitors each and every day. Whether it is prospective students taking campus tours, friends of students visiting, or the huge number of university employees that work mostly every job, the number that once was already far too large quickly becomes colossal. During football season, this problem again only becomes larger. On football Saturdays, State College becomes the third largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, trailing only Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in population. With so many spectators coming to see the team play, The university must open up vacant fields to be able to handle so many spectators that come to see the team play. Leaving these pseudo-parking lots becomes a huge problem because so many drivers are converging to the roads at once. The traffic is too concentrated....
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Parking Space Essay - spaces This is not even taking into...

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