Exam 1 Essay - UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Midterm 1 Essay 6E:071...

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UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Midterm 1 Essay 6E:071 Spring 2008 Beth Ingram 2/25/2008 NAME: SEAT NUMBER: My discussion section is (circle one): A01 (M 8:30); A02 (F 10:30); A03 (W 8:30); A05 (Th 11:30); A06 (W 11:30); A07 (F 12:30); A08 (Th 1:30); A09 (M 11:30); A10 (M 11:30); A11 (W 11:30); A12 (W 2:30); A13 (T 1:30). AFTER COMPLETING YOUR EXAM, SIGN AND DATE THE HONOR PLEDGE BELOW. IF YOU CANNOT TRUTHFULLY SIGN THE PLEDGE, YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR PROFESSOR OR A PROCTOR BEFORE HANDING IN YOUR EXAM. ON MY HONOR, I PLEDGE THAT DURING THIS EXAMINATION I NEITHER GAVE NOR RECEIVED ANY ASSISTANCE. Signature Page 1 of 5
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Question I. Consult Figure 1a, 1b and 1c. Grocery stores carefully plan the placement of breakfast cereals on the store shelves. In general, shelf 2 contains cereals that appeal to children. We gathered a simple random sample of brands of breakfast cereal and recorded the sugar content of the cereal and its shelf placement. a) What are the null and alternative hypotheses that are being tested by the ANOVA? b) What is the test statistic that is relevant for testing the hypothesis in (a)? What is its sampling distribution? Be sure to specify any parameters that are relevant (i.e., degrees of freedom). c) List the assumptions of ANOVA and prove that they are either satisfied or not for this data. d) In plain English, what can you conclude from the statistical analysis (the ANOVA) in Figure 1? e) Provide an English interpretation of the confidence interval (1.816,7.211) highlighted in the analysis. f) Is there evidence that cereals stocked on shelf 2 have higher sugar content than cereals stocked on shelves 1 and 3? Be specific, and explain what that evidence you are using and how you evaluated the evidence. The test statistic is the F-statistic, F = 6.60. It has an F-distribution with (2,73) degrees of freedom. We need to test three assumptions: (1) is the data a random sample? Yes, the problem states we have a random sample plot (Figure 1c). Shelf 1 has a p-value of 0.026; Shelf 2 has a p-value of 0.009; Shelf 3 has a p-value of 0.513.
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Exam 1 Essay - UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Midterm 1 Essay 6E:071...

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