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Exam 1 Multiple Choice - UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Midterm 1 Form...

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UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Midterm 1 Form B 6E:071 Spring 2008 Beth Ingram 2/27/2008 NAME: SEAT NUMBER: Directions for completing your answer sheet Use a no. 2 or softer PENCIL. Marks should be dark and completely fill each circle. Carefully erase any marks you want to change. Do not make any stray marks on your answer sheet. Print your name in the appropriate boxes and darken the corresponding circles. Record your university identification number (8-digits) in the IDENTIFICATION NUMBER boxes and darken the corresponding circles. If you use your University ID, record eight digits only – do NOT add leading or trailing zeros. If there is a letter following the word FORM in the box at the top of this page, darken the corresponding letter in the TEST FORM area of your answer sheet. If there is no test form indicated, leave the area blank. Mark only one response for each test item. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE DIRECTIONS COULD RESULT IN AN INCORRECT SCORE AFTER COMPLETING YOUR EXAM, SIGN AND DATE THE HONOR PLEDGE BELOW. IF YOU CANNOT TRUTHFULLY SIGN THE PLEDGE, YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR PROFESSOR OR A PROCTOR BEFORE HANDING IN YOUR EXAM. ON MY HONOR, I PLEDGE THAT DURING THIS EXAMINATION I NEITHER GAVE NOR RECEIVED ANY  ASSISTANCE.
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  Signature ANOVA table, Minitab output. 1) Consider the ANOVA table. What is the value of the test statistic? a) 0.004 b) 11 c) 49.5 d) 4598 2) Consider the ANOVA table. How many groups are there? 3) Consider the ANOVA table. What are the degrees of freedom for the F-statistic? 4) Consider the ANOVA table. What conclusion should we reach? Use a significance level of 0.01.  a) There is sufficient evidence to conclude that at least one of the three group means is different b) There is insufficient evidence to conclude that at least one of the three group means is different c) There is sufficient evidence to conclude that all three group means are different from each other d) There is sufficient evidence to conclude that exactly one of the three group means is different from the  other two.
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