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FAH 2 Spring 2008 Art, Politics, and Culture A. Zavala Converging Cultures: Europe in the “New” World Terms/Concepts Tenochtitlan : name in Nahuatl (indigenous language) of Aztec Empire and Aztec capital city; site of modern-day Mexico City Moctezuma – ruler of the Aztec Empire in 1519 when Hernán Cortés and Spaniards arrived Tlacuilo: term in Nahuatl for a scribe or painter of manuscripts and frescos Viceroyalty of New Spain – colonial name for modern-day Mexico Plateresque : Spanish term for mission church façade style – literally "silver like" carved ornament on flat ground Atrial courtyard – large open-air courtyard adjacent to a missionary convent church, designed for holding open-air Catholic services posa – Spanish term for a outdoor corner chapel in an atrial courtyard Slides * Feather Headdress of Moctezuma, before 1519, Quetzal and other feathers Planometric map-view of Tenochtitlan, 1524, woodcut with hand coloring, printed in Nuremberg * Goddess Coatlicue [Serpent Skirt], 1487-1520, basalt, 8'6"
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