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Kelsey Schur The Video Game Industry Paper 1 September 27 th , 2007 During the fateful Christmas season of 1982, ET the Extra-Terrestrial's Atari game raised its pixelated neck, and the video game industry fell into a pit that many thought it would never escape. The video game phenomenon was dismissed as a fad after falling victim to poor quality control and the resulting bankruptcies. (Chaplin 65) However, gaming would not only be saved, but forever expanded, by a shaggy artist working for a company that once sold playing cards. (Chaplin 70) It can't be claimed that Shigeru Miyamoto, originally the staff artist for Nintendo, set out to save the video game industry the way his characters would later set out to save their lands; he was only working in the right place at the right time. However, no amount of fortunate circumstance can entirely account for the worldwide success of his creations and the influence they continue to have on the industry that they played a huge role in resuscitating. Without Miyamoto, in all likelihood video gaming would still exist, but it would be much different than the multi-billion dollar industry based around complex games players know today. His work not only helped revive the industry, but pioneered many familiar game styles and development procedures. Miyamoto can easily be seen as one of the creative minds that has had tremendous influence in shaping gaming as we see it today. In the early 1980s, the Nintendo was a company still searching for its niche. The head of the company called Miyamoto into his office to assign him to create a video game that would fill the several thousand arcade units of a game called Radarscope that hadn't sold due to poor performance in the United States. (MobyGames) What would later become an integral part of the artist's effect on video games immediately came out in that first meeting – Miyamoto felt that video games needed to employ strong characters and make use of classic themes, instead of opting to entertain through violence. Up until this point, the only original character in video games was Pac-Man. Miyamoto used
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his assignment to create the strong, recognizable characters he wanted by designing a game he would dub Donkey Kong. Of his first attempt to create a video game, Miyamoto says, “. ..I mainly wanted to make something that would surprise people.” (O'Connell) Donkey Kong succeeded in surprising players through its surreal challenge of jumping girders while avoiding objects thrown by an angry gorilla, with the ultimate goal of saving Jumpman's girlfriend. In combination with this strange
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miyamoto paper - Kelsey Schur The Video Game Industry Paper...

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