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HNF406_exam1_review - In what ways did the period before...

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Sociocultural Aspects of Food - Review Sheet for Exam 1 Dr. L. Weatherspoon What is food and why do we eat it? Describe briefly an example of how food may be used to denote 1.) symbolism and 2.) prestige This information can be found in introductory notes for Lifestyle, Cultural and Ethnic Influences on Food Choices. Uses of food - describe at least 4 in reasonably brief but explicit detail Know that the quantity and quality of food intake varies widely among people as a result of social, psychological, economic, nutritional, pleasure, health and convenience factors. (Ecological Model discussed in handout with all the circles –“Factors that influence food habits” What is difference between “feeding” and “eating”? Review classification of food. Edible inedible etc. Core food versus peripheral foods Food and eating in Historical Perspective What are the two major things which changed the way we eat (The Great Transformation) How did early food production and distribution lay the foundations for our modern food industry?
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Unformatted text preview: In what ways did the period before the 19th century contribute to food and eating Describe the progression of foods and food preparation methods/techniques and preservation and storage methods in the early days and how it has changed in our modern day era Trace the development of agriculture and animal husbandry remember development of tools, environmental adaptations, industrialization With regard to the groups studied ( Bushmen, Kwakiutl Indians etc), know: kinds of foods consumed how food was obtained distribution of food any preservation of perishable foods practiced relative contribution of women and men evidence of specialization activity directly or indirectly related to food observations common to or different between groups (e.g. social organization) US Food History What were key developments that determined initial and present day US eating patterns? Note foods native to the “new world” and those brought in by the navigators and immigrants....
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