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HNF406_exam2_review - Socio-cultural Aspects of Food Review...

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Socio-cultural Aspects of Food- Review Sheet for Exam2 Dr. L. Weatherspoon Food Cultures Remember some of the interesting questions asked during guest speaker presentations e.g. What determines when Germans eat? Which were key foods in the different cultures we heard from. What determined this? For example what was the difference between Guatemala and Namibian cuisine in terms of types of food eaten. Name 5 foods that you know of that were introduced to American cuisine by different cultures e.g. sauerkraut - Germans What similarities and or differences do you remember about the cultural groups discussed? What are examples of religious bases or reasons for various food practices? Just briefly Be able to describe in detail the food habits of at least one ethnic group. Give the background and reasons for particular food practices. Name a festival/ special event centered around a particular way of eating for the cultural groups discussed .
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