day-care experience - 96:140 Parent-Child Nursing Practicum...

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96:140 Parent-Child Nursing Practicum Daycare Journal Name___Nicholas Hilbert____________________ Age group_3 year olds__________________ Date__9-16-07_________ Time / #of hours___8:00-12:00____________________ 1. (2 points) Briefly Describe the Developmental stages of the children you will be working with today, according to Erikson and Piaget: Erikson: Stage: Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt In this stage, the child has the chance to build self-esteem and autonomy as they gain more control of their body. The child begins to gain independence; walking away from mom, picking what out what toy he or she wants to play with, making choices on what to wear, eat, etc. If child is encouraged and supported in their independence, they become confident. However, the child can be very vulnerable in this stage; if the child is shamed in the toilet training process or in the learning of other important skills, the child can feel great shame and doubt and suffer low self-esteem as a result. Piaget: Stage: Preoperational Thought Child is very self oriented, and has an egocentric view-they view the world from their own perspective. Classifies objects in very simple ways. Child begins to use symbols to represent objects, and is better able to think about events that are not present immediately. Child often has difficulty conceptualizing time. Fantasy thinking is present, and child thinks that others see situations from his or her viewpoint. 2. (2 points) Identify four developmental factors that contribute to injury risk and discuss the most common injury patterns for this age group: Accidents are the leading cause of death for this age group a. Child starts to gain the physical abilities to become more independent --However, with this independence and the ability to control their body comes the possibility of injury; for example, they are
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day-care experience - 96:140 Parent-Child Nursing Practicum...

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