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Hatcher 1 Anne Randall Hatcher Prof. Kable Drama 081 001 PID: 713640256 15 November 2007 Pledge: “The Music Man” vs. Holiday The American drama, which began to develop in the mid-seventeenth century, has progressed magnificently over the years. Plays, movies, and musicals alike all attempt to portray certain aspects or ideas about the daily lives and struggles of people. While some conflicts end in tragedy, others have quite comedic and uplifting conclusions. Both Philip Barry’s Holiday and Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man” are fine examples of works that create content and satisfied audiences. Still, each work maintains its own individual character and is very distinct from the other.
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Hatcher 2 Barry’s Holiday tells the story of young Johnny Case’s dilemma concerning who to marry and consequently, how to spend his life. At the play’s opening, Johnny is confronted with Linda Seton, the sister of his fiancée, Julia. Linda, although not as beautiful and charming as her older sister, is a refreshing face for Johnny. She is the epitome of honest and even blunt. Immediately, Linda captures Johnny’s attention with her unusual flair and wit. Unlike her sister, Linda does not mind letting her hair down. She also cares nothing for the money into which she was born. Rather, Linda values genuine people. For this reason, I do not believe that Linda would mesh well with Harold Hill of “The Music Man.” Harold is one of the most dishonest people in the history of characters. His only impetus for working is acquiring money. A con artist, Harold uses a terrible scheme to steal money from middle- class families all over the Midwest. However, each of these characters can be seen as the protagonist of his story.
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drama paper 2 - Hatcher 1 Anne Randall Hatcher Prof Kable...

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