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Art 152 04 February 2008

Art 152 04 February 2008 - Art 152 04 February 2008...

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Art 152 04 February 2008 Fifteenth Century Art: Italy Donatello, Saint George, from Orsanmichele, 1415-1417, marble, Florence, Italy o Donatello was in Gothic style, went to Rome o Saint George: Had a sword, metal helmet, belt, and sheath Warrior Wrinkled brow: tension Classical antiquity Base: Saint George on a rearing horse killing a monster – pictorial relief: Roman technique to use relief to create an image of depth: undercutting – emphasize mass Donatello, David, 1446-1460, bronze, Florence, Italy o Sought out ways to express emotion o Originally in the courtyard of the Medici palace o Heroic nudity: first instance of a lifesize nude male sculpture since antiquity o Adolescent David, post-battle with foot on Goliath’s head; child emphasizes power o Contemplative, face downwards, emotionally left battle; between childhood and adult responsibilities o Sensuous lines, feather o Inscription on base: triumph of Florentines over Milanese
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