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art 152 14 jan - Art 152 14.01.08 Fourteenth Century Art: I...

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Unformatted text preview: Art 152 14.01.08 Fourteenth Century Art: I taly • Europe was in bad condition – famine, disease (Black Death) depleted labor force, war; by the end of the century, living improved • Power o Germany, Slavia, and Czech Republic – HRE o French Pope (1309) at Avignon; Great Schism between French and Italian popes – the pope had secular power • Rinascimento (“Renaissance” in I talian – “rebirth”) – aka humanism – focus on human beings, natural world as opposed to God, individual could be perfected by education, personal effort, etc., beginning of collections into libraries; Dante, Petrarch, and Boccacio wrote in I talian languages • Religion – new emphasis on piety, personal experience with god; ideals of poverty, charity, love, and preaching the word of god • Florence grows rapidly; banking city, controlled wealth passing through Europe more art patronage, increased freedom; guilds (trade organization) very important in 14 th century, represent a certain trade within a city, most rich and powerful merchants/entrepreneurs in a city, patrons of the arts, exerted quality control of products produced and used apprenticeships to educate; painters were pharmacist guild (grinding paints); left home and paid fee to be an apprentice – more responsibility until “masterpiece”; all guilds had a patron saint (Luke was painting – he “painted an image of the Virgin Mary”); provided social services, took care of sick, religious and civic festivals • Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (Duomo) plan by Arnolfo di Cambio, 1294, Campanile (bell twoer) by Giotto, Andrewa Pisano and Francesco Talenti,...
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art 152 14 jan - Art 152 14.01.08 Fourteenth Century Art: I...

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