water quality lab report

water quality lab report - Water Quality in Barton Hall...

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Mixed with water. molten agar and water sample completely mixed. Dish #1 Petri dish with water sample. Water Quality in Barton Hall Chelsea Wolf English 250 Jenny Aune October 5 th 2007 2.
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1. Abstract : The reason for conducting this water quality experiment stems from my curiosity to determine if the water available to the public in Barton Hall meets the health standards and is safe for use. Water quality is a major issue in today’s society because antibiotics are being overprescribed to individuals. After an individual takes antibiotics for something that did not necessarily need them, it creates a problem called antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance happens when a person can no longer take antibiotics because they do not work against the parasite because they have become resistant. This in turn creates a super bug. I use the water in Barton everyday for drinking and showering. I was curious to know if there were no traces of bacteria found in the water. The results from this experiment were not exciting. Since there were less than thirty bacteria colonies total on the cold plates, it was not significant. No bacteria showed up in hot water and very few bacteria colonies grew from the cold water which was not significant. This was very reassuring though to know that the water I have been using every day is safe. In conclusion, no traces of bacteria were found on the Petri dishes sampled from Barton Hall. 2. Objectives and Introduction: Before constructing this experiment, I was not sure the water in Barton Hall passed quality tests. I wanted to test the water for bacteria. Since I use the water in Barton every day, it was important to me to care because it could potentially be detrimental to my own health and others living in the hall. Currently, water quality is a very important issue in our society. We use water everyday for recreation, hygiene, and nutrition needs. Much research today is focused on maintaining good quality of water for the public. There are literally thousands of viruses, pathogens, and parasites that may not be removed from municipal water treatment centers. These pathogens can harm individuals with weak immune systems and cause illness in healthy individuals as well. These pathogens can infect humans with disease such as E. coli. In turn, these pathogens can be passed from one person to the next. As well, if a water system is found to contain a harmful pathogen, and is not caught in time, it can harm the entire population that receives their water from the particular water plant. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency states that sedimentation, nutrients, and pathogens are among the causes for poor water quality in rivers and streams in the state of Iowa². However, these are sources of water that the public accesses their water from. Water quality is vital for maintaining the health of the public and should definitely be considered among the leading concerns today. Scientists and society in general should care about this experiment because it may affect them or
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water quality lab report - Water Quality in Barton Hall...

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