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Bacteria Found in Water Chelsea Wolf English 250 Jenny Aune November 23, 2007 Water quality is an extremely important issue in today’s society because some water treatment facilities are failing when it comes to health standards. Thousands of microorganisms are able to enter water at various stages during the purification process. For example, runoff of animal by-products from farms can be seriously detrimental to human health and cause severe diseases like E. coli. For example, in third world countries, the water quality situation is awful. Plenty of people are ill from the only water available to them. This is because water sources in poor villages are situated near where their livestock live. The quality of water is important because humans depend on water for everything from daily hygiene to preparing food. Humans must have water to survive. This annotated bibliography is about bacteria found in water, most importantly, drinking water. The authors of these sources all have the authority to share their professional statements on the issue of water quality. They are educated in the area of water quality and bacteria resistance. For instance, Hsin-Wei Kuo et al. are well educated professionals. They are part of the faculty of public health at the College of Human Sciences at the Kaohsiung Medical University located in Kaohsiun, Taiwan. Furthermore, the latter two authors work at the Institute of Environmental Health at the China Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan. In addition to that source, the Moreno et al. source is satisfactory as well because the authors are scientists that conducted an experiment on the survival of the bacteria Heliobacter Pylori after it was inoculated into drinking water that was chlorinated. This source has six authors that contributed to this article/experiment; therefore this source has acceptable authority.
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The basic arguments of the sources are varied. All readings hinted at the importance of water quality for public safety. Moreover, it was blatant that the over prescription of antibiotics needs to be halted 7 . The “Dangerous Bacterial Infections Are on the Rise” article had an ample amount of information on the use of antibiotics and its disadvantages. The “Genetics and Water Contamination” article also has information on water contamination. Overall, the sum of the ten sources all agreed on one topic- water quality. Water affects humans directly, it is an important issue and steps need be taken to protect our water from pathogens and other harmful microorganisms to ensure the safety of the public. Among the sources, there were some similarities. For example, the UCD Environmental Toxicology Department Team article listed how water can become contaminated as well as the Consumer Reports on Health 8, 1 . Furthermore, many of the sources listed below illustrate how antibiotic resistance is steadily increasing 8, 2 . The article titled “Effects of Inorganic Nutrients on the Regrowth of Heterotrophic Bacteria in Drinking Water” as well as the “Genetics and Water Contamination” article had
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Annotated Bibliography - Bacteria Found in Water Chelsea...

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