Biol 101 14 February 2008

Biol 101 14 February 2008 - Gametes: LW lw lW lw (same for...

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Biol 101 14 February 2008 Epistasis: one gene modifies the expression of another Polygenic inheritance: more than one gene affecting a single characteristic Pleiotropy – a single gene affecting many characteristics. Bats o Dihybrid L – long, l – short wings W = wbbed, w = not webbed Mother: Ll Ww; Dad: Ll Ww
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Unformatted text preview: Gametes: LW lw lW lw (same for mother and father equal portions) LW Lw lW lw LW LLWW LLWw LlWW LlWw Lw LLWw LLww LlWw Llww lW LlWW LlWw llWW llWw lw LlWw Llww llWw llww...
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