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Biol 101 21 February 2008

Biol 101 21 February 2008 - Polypeptide is released...

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Biol 101 21 February 2008 Code of each RNA is read three letters at a time Test Cell respiration starts test topics No detail on photosynthesis, but on cellular level with interaction between products and reactants of the two Lots of genetic problems Some cell division focusing on meiosis Information about molecular genetics and protein synthesis Protein Synthesis (ch. 13) Protein Synthesis: initiation m-RNA attaches to small subunit Exposed AUG > t-RNA with amino acid Large subunit attaches Elongation 2 nd t-RNA arrives Peptide bond forms between amino acids Empty t-RNA leaves, other moves over Happens on both the free ribosomes and ribosomes on the Rough ER Termination Stop code causes binding of releasing factor
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Unformatted text preview: Polypeptide is released Ribosomal subunits separate from message ○ Protein synthesis review (should have a paragraph explaining each point) DNA splits m-RNA formed m-RNA to cytoplasm m-RNA to read by ribosome t-RNA brings in appropriate amino acid called for by code Amino acid is added to chain ○ Know amino acids are in the cytoplasm Are picked up by transfer RNA How did they get there? – food ○ Mutations Changes in DNA result in mutations Point mutation/deletion – will throw off the reading frame from everything downstream Base substitution will only mess up that one particular code...
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