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09.26 I. Introduction to the Deuteronomic History A. The books B. four time periods C. The overarching perspective D. Nature of the underlying E. Importance of recognizing ideological bias in historical studies II. Structure of the Book of Joshua A. Preparations for the attack (ch 1-5) B. Conquest of Canaan (ch 6-12) C. Division of the land (ch 13-22) D. Renewal of the Covenant (ch 22-24) III. Key aspects of the book A. The theme of the book – faithfulness to God is what brings about the conquest of the Promised Land B. The Strategy of the conquest 1. Joshua leads people across Jordan River to Jericho; destroy Jericho (ch 6) 2. Enter from east 3. Ch 7-8: Ai 4. Divide and conquer: attack south, then north (ch 10, s; ch 11, n) 5. Divide among tribes C. Key battle scenes 1. Jericho 2. Ai: setback; ch 8: ambush 3. Gideon IV. Historical issue: is this a reliable account?
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A. The problems 1. Dates of the sources – written 600 BCE; took place at least 500 years earlier 2. Bias of the sources – author was a believer in Yahweh who believed in blessings
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09.26 - 09.26 I. II. III. IV. Introduction to the...

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