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Essay 1 Intro - The Documentary Hypothesis is the hypothesis that the Pentateuch was composed of four different and distinct sources. - The sources are the J, E, D, and P sources. - The hypothesis is that these four different documents were composed at different periods throughout history, and then they were compiled together around 550 BCE. - Reasons for this can be found in how there are two different accounts of the creation story. 1 st par. – The initial piece of evidence that was noticed by scholars was the different names used to identify God. - The J source can be identified by using the divine name Yahweh throughout the book of Genesis. - The E source is seen in the way Elohim is used as the divine name from Genesis chapter 20 until Yahweh is revealed to Moses. - The P source is identified by different uses of the divine name throughout the Pentateuch, such as el shadday and el. 2 nd par. - Another piece of evidence showing how there are different sources are the different characteristics that each divine being holds for each source.
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