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3. In as much detail as possible, discuss the historical problems raised by the accounts of the conquest of Canaan in Joshua. Reliable account? o Dates Sources written 500 yrs after events Jericho Most in-depth story of conquering History suggests that Jericho wasn’t populated during this time period Many other cities (Moab, Ai, Edom) are portrayed as being large cites o Small population if any o Point of view Obviously a chauvinist male dominate story Only woman (Deborah, a Judge) sleeps with Sessera to gain a military victory Glorification of war and mass murder o Killing of all women/men/children minus Rahab in Jericho o Stoning and burning of Achon Tensions within the bible
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Unformatted text preview: o Did Joshua kill everyone? Joshua 10.40: did kill everyone Joshua 13.1-7: didn’t kill everyone, simply drove them away o City of Hazor Joshua 11 the entire city is destroyed Judges 4 the city still stands after it had been destroyed by Joshua • Worldly Evidence o Archaeology No evidence of a large wall surrounding Jericho • No rubble from a fallen wall or written record of any defenses No change in artifacts to suggest a change in culture o Impossibilities Sounding of 7 horns and a lot of people shouting makes a wall fall over? Joshua COMMANDS God to stop the suns motion for a day during the defense of Gibeon...
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