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Unformatted text preview: In-class Practice 1 – SolutionNAME:_________________________Solution______________________________BUAD 310USC ID#:__________________________________________________________ LAB Time:___________________________________________________ARIF ANSARIPART 1 – MULTIPLE CHOICE [5 points each]1.A sample size of 20 is drawn from a population of size 200. The sample is drawn in such away that every possible sample of size 20 is equally likely to be drawn. This sampling planis called:a) Stratified Samplingb) Simple Random Sampling Answerc) Cluster Samplingd) None of the above2. Which of the following is a Robust measure of variability ? a) The standard deviationb) Variancec) The interquartile range Answerd) The difference between the largest and smallest observations3.If Mean = Median=Modefor a distribution witha single peak, then the distribution is ?a) Symmetric but not unimodalb) Unimodal but not symmetricc) Unimodal and symmetric Answerd ) None of the above4.Compared to the range of a population, the range of sample is almost always a) equal or largerb) equal or smaller Answerc) equal d) Can be larger or smaller or equal5. If a distribution is bell shaped with the mean 5 and standard deviation 3 then thepercentage of observations around -1 (negative 1) and 8 is approximately a) 68%b) 95%c) 81.5% Answerd) none of the above(The mean is 5, stdev is 3 and -1 on the lower end implies 2 standard deviation below (95/2)% and 8 on the upper side implies 1 standard deviations above (68/2)%. There the total is 34%+ 47.5% = on the upper side implies 1 standard deviations above (68/2)%....
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In_class_Practice1_solution - In-class Practice 1 –...

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