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Fiore 1 Alex Fiore Professor White College Composition 14 February 2008 Renovating Setting and Spirits The city of Philadelphia has a number of reputations, some of which are complete opposites of one another. Many people think of the big city as one of great danger and transgression, averaging around 400 murders a year for most of the 1990s. But on the other hand, many people look at this city as a breeding ground for some of the most beautiful and inspirational places one can come across. But how can such opposite descriptions and reputations relate to the same place? The documentary Eden’s Lost and Found: How Ordinary Citizens are Restoring our Great American Cities, Philadelphia, The Holy Experiment shows remarkable connections explaining how residents of Philadelphia use horticulture and art to heal the spiritual wounds of the city. The film, various texts from the book City Wilds , and an article from, together validate the assertion that art and nature in Philadelphia have contributed to the healing and spiritual resurgence of the great historical city and its people that have experienced a profusion of delinquency and corruption. In the film by Harry Wiland and Dale Bell, we are taken through many interviews and discussions with Philadelphia residents’ reasons for their connection to nature. In the midst of these discussions, we begin to see a common pattern with all of these people that believe if the streets are cleaned up and pleasant, then so will people’s actions on these
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Fiore 2 streets. Throughout Philadelphia are thousands of vacant homes and abandoned buildings. In addition to that fact that efforts are made to demolish, repair, and restore these places, efforts have also been made to avoid an increase of abandoned lots. In an interview with Doris Gwaltney, the President of Carroll Park Neighbors, we detect evidence that supports this effort as she states, “I wanted neighbors around here to look out their window and see that crazy woman is still out here picking up trash” ( Eden’s ). Gwaltney shows us that her continued efforts are saving the park from drug dealers and restoring this part of the city back to William Penn's original plan for a “green country town,” intended to have one acre of green space for every ten blocks. Many people not only find inspiration in nature but also a feeling of security.
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Essay 1 - Fiore 1 Alex Fiore Professor White College...

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