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Fiore 1 Alex Fiore Professor Hallquist Intro to Acad Discourse 18 September 2007 Gender Development Through our readings in The Gendered Society Reader , three texts stand out as describing gender in many different classifications. “Believing Is Seeing: Biology as Ideology” by Judith Lorber concentrates on gender assignments in society, and the differences in power and choice that these assignments provide us based upon our sex. Alternatively Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman’s text “Doing Gender”, presents us with the idea that these assignments may be decided based on the ideas of gender display and sex categories, two classifications of how one’s gender can be seen by others. Further, Kay Deaux and Brenda Major’s “A Social-Psychological Model of Gender” shows concern with how gender is experienced and enacted in these different social contexts or assignments, and how decisions can change based on varying factors around our gender. Together these three texts give us a better understanding of how gender development is assigned in society, seen and understood by others, and can be varied based upon social context. As presented by Judith Lorber, there is evidence that social assignments in society today are based upon one’s gender. Lorber claims, “I am arguing that bodies differ in many ways physiologically, but they are completely transformed by social practices to fit salient categories of society” (15). The main example Lorber uses to describe this is the
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Fiore 2 issue of sports- how they are separated and each category is shaped into the “ideal” male
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essay. - Fiore 1 Alex Fiore Professor Hallquist Intro to...

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