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Alex Fiore Professor Shapiro 29 February 2008 Sport’s Contradicting “Equal” Opportunity Throughout youth sports one of the messages we look to convey to the young children is equal opportunities and sportsmanship. As we teach young children the game and how to excel in it, we also aim to show them fairness and equality to all skill levels, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. However, if this is what America aims for then why are we still coming across problems? Although everyone is allowed to participate in youth sports, when it comes to determining a better athlete begin to see some contradictions to these American ideals that we try to reflect on our culture. Ever since the debut of Jackie Robinson and the journey he endured in becoming the first African American to participate in a major professional sport, he has been seen as an American hero. Today there are hundreds of African American athletics that are seen as the greats of the game such as Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Willie Mays, and so
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This essay was uploaded on 03/29/2008 for the course TOURISM & 0806 taught by Professor Shapiro during the Spring '08 term at Temple.

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S&L Paper 2 - Alex Fiore Professor Shapiro Sport...

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