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MIS Notes & Practice - MIS NOTES R BAKER/GLANTZ Today...

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Unformatted text preview: MIS NOTES 3-1-07R BAKER/GLANTZ Today we had a visit from representatives from Owen's Coming. I. Intro: Owen's Corning NYSE symbol = OC 1938 first to manufacture commercial fiber glass Fortune 500 company 6.46 bill in sales 2006 30 countries 125 manufacturing facilities. II. Business of Manufacturing 1.Plan - what to sell, who, when and where to sell. 2.Source - need raw materials 3.Make - manufacture process 4.Deliver III. Role of IS in Manufacturing 1.Plan - demand forecast, how to plan manufacturing for year) 2.Source - idea of what you need to get 3.Make - make various products and decide when to make, want less scraps. 4.Deliver - who, where, when it'll be delivered. there's no typical IS careers (use business processes and technology) need to follow SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) Real World is a Business Problem (made Exterior FX Applications 3-6-07 T 1 OF 2 MIS 204.1-5 BAKER/GLANTZ I. Objectives: II. eportfolio (homepage) a. How to market you... 1.Think/research/plan your story. 2.Collect evidence who, what, why what do you know? 3. Create/maintain eportfolio-make sure to update and make sure the information is accurate and add anything new. a. Academic evidence: powerpoint presentations , projects , lab reports , writing, etc. b. Co-curricular: involvement (ex. THON) , what you've gained from your experiences... c. Personal experience: work experience , travel d. Reflection: what did you gain, understand? how changed/evoloved? e. Other Info: usability (colors, etc), mission statement, bio, interests 1 3-20-07 T MIS 204.1-5 BAKER/GLANTZ I. Week 9: Effective Marketing, Selling, and Servicing Customers with IS A. 2 Marketing/Sales Issues 1. Business don't understand who customers are due to that management makes inefficient/ineffective business decisions. talked about MOMA reading. cause companies to saturate market 2. Clutter Crisis: is advertising getting you to buy anything (watched a video)- this is what is saturating the market B. Marketing and Sales is... functional area that develops products, determines pricing, promotes and places products to customers.- impacts entire value chain customer facing emphasis is downstream impact -just downstream ? 1) marketing 2)selling 3)servicing customers C. Marketing and Sales Customer/Prospect- customer is a prospect until deal has been made CRM: Customer Relation Management Company Perspective (4ps) Customer Perspective (4cs) Product Customer Solution (it's desire/need) Price Cost Promotion Communication (information/awareness) Place (distribution) Convenience (web) 3-22-07 R I. CRM Systems...integrate customer data from various organizations/sources (Rainer, pg. 253) A. 3 Categories....
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MIS Notes & Practice - MIS NOTES R BAKER/GLANTZ Today...

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