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Nittany Notes Practice Exam www.nittanynotes.com \ 238-0623 MIS 204.1 1OF6 GLAN TZ Questions: 1. Which is not one of the four P's of Marketing? a. Product b. Protection c. Price d. Place 2. Marketing has a _______ focus, toward the _______ part of the value chain. a. upstream, supplier b. rightward, quality c. downstream, customer d. customer, quantity 3. Which is not a component of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? a. Action b. Interaction c. Analytics d. Interpolation 4. "Narrow-casting" is a. sending different messages to different people b. an internet based fishing technology c. sending the same message to everyone d. the opposite of broadband issue. 5. Security is a _______issue, privacy is a _____ issue. a. regulatory, technology. b. technology, personal. c. technology, regulatory. d. private, public. 6. The steps in the data lifecycle are a. Store, Access, Action, Analysis, Acquire b. Action, Acquire, Store, Access, Analysis c. Acquire, Access, Analysis, Store, Action
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d. Acquire, Store, Analysis, Access, Action 7. Ordering cost is a. Cost to prepare purchase order, deciding what to order, following up on order, and receiving. b. A cost which includes storage, interest, and handling. c. A variable cost to keep inventory on hand. d. none of the above
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MIS Study Guide - Nittany Notes Practice Exam...

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