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Final essay project - Romeo Salinas Mrs. D'Amico English...

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Romeo Salinas Mrs. D’Amico English 104 Section 520 December 3, 2007 Study Habits Can you imagine yourself studying for 5 hours for just one class? Students entering their first year of college are bamboozled by the work load that is given to them. The Most Amazing Group did a research which showed how students study more in college than high school; the number of days they spent preparing for a test, and if they are satisfied with their academic performance. What the group found out about the study habits of the college students were not what they expected. These were unique results as they differed those from Rebeka Nathan’s results in her book My Freshman Year. College life is different from high school because we have more time to ourselves and we have to be more responsible. The professors don’t care if you pass or fail their class and them careless if you don’t show up. In college to make the grades you desire, studying more is a must. In the research that was done as group on study habits the average student studies more in college than what they did in their high school life. The amount of time that was put in high
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Final essay project - Romeo Salinas Mrs. D'Amico English...

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