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Lesson 2- Behind the Plug2 - Test: Lesson 02 - Behind the...

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Test: Lesson 02 — Behind the Plug Which of the following renewable energy sources is used to product the MOST electricity (FROM RENEWABLE ENERGY) in the U.S.? Not sure? Look here for some more information about each energy source. Solar Geothermal Wind HydropowerBiomass In which country is a new hydroelectric dam being built? Once completed, this dam will be the world's largest capable of generating from 15,000 to 20,000 MW of power! Hawaii Indonesia United States China Read this article about wind power as a global energy source. About how many mega watts of electrial capacity were provided by wind power at the end of year 2000? wind power has no fuel costs associated with it and produces no pollution! No wind capacity existed at the end of year 2000. Approximately 500 MW of wind capacity Approximately 2500 MW of wind capacity Approximately 5000 MW of wind If all of these renewable energy sources are so great, why hasn't the United States converted to a purely "Renewable" energy base? Cost This may have been an easy question, but the main issue is cost. Coal based electricity is the cheapest energy source at around 3¢ per kWh. Renewables cost 7¢ per kWh or more. .. Logistics Not enough technology available The US decided that fuel cells offer better opportunities for electricity production If a house or building is designed in that there is a large area of windows facing south to maximize natural light, what type of solar energy best describes this? ACTIVE, PASSIVE, PHOTVOLTIC, THERMAL? The idea of passive solar energy is an element of good design and maximizes solar energy with no external power supply or active controls. Passive In 1999, the residential sector of PA consumed about 150.6x10 12 Btu of electricity (www.eia.doe.gov). Assuming all of this energy comes from bituminous coal with a heating value of 14,000 Btu/lb. How many pounds of coal did the residents of PA consume in 1999? 1.08x10 8 lbs 1.08x10 10 lbs 10.8x10 6 tons 10.8x10 9 tons A measure of the effectiveness of an energy conversion device is the Efficiency . Efficiency is defined as: Efficiency = Useful Energy Output / Input EnergyOf the above listed energy conversion devices, which is the LEAST efficient? Car Engine
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Lesson 2- Behind the Plug2 - Test: Lesson 02 - Behind the...

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