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Globalization reflection - 1 Globalization The McDonalds...

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1 Globalization The McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken signs that fill the streets of my small town in Spain are proof enough to realize how much closer the continents have become in the last few decades. As a military child, I grew up with the ability to travel constantly around the globe. My traveling experiences have enabled me to be affected more directly with the concept of globalization and experience the transformations the world is facing hands on. I believe that each nation benefits greatly from this global interaction, gains ranging from the double in per capita income and cultural exchanges which have been used to help tie the world closer together. However, I feel that there is much more involved than just increased trade and communication. In today’s world, with the popularity of globalization increasing, nations must interact in an entirely different manner due to this high interdependency and the fear of civil unrest. In relations dealing with globalization, I identify myself with the theories of realism and believe that nation states are self motivated and will in most cases act in their best interests. The states act as rational actors in most situations, and their primary interests are to provide security and supply the demands of their population. Contrary to economic liberals, realists only put as much power as they see fit into multinational corporations or international governmental organizations, in order to maintain the ability to back out of jeopardizing situations. While I believe that trade is a crucial aspect to our nation’s economy and we have so much to benefit from it, each situation should be dealt with uniquely. The constituents of the nation are more interested in their benefits and security and, in
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Globalization reflection - 1 Globalization The McDonalds...

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