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Chapter 4 Review Pg. 6

Chapter 4 Review Pg. 6 - Final Exam Practice Problems —...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Practice Problems — Simplex: Standard Maximization Problems Copyright©2004 Janice Epstein. All rights reserved 3. The Floral Factory makes three kinds of bouquets: Baby, Birthday and Anniversary. Each Baby bouquet uses 6 flowers, 2 accessories and 10 minutes of labor. Each Birthday bouquet uses 8 flowers, 3 accessories and 15 minutes of labor. Each Anniversary bouquet uses 12 flowers, 6 accessories and 20 minutes of labor. The shop has 180 flowers and 90 accessories in inventory and 8 hours of labor available. If a Baby bouquet sells for $15, a Birthday bouquet for $28 and an Anniversary bouquet for $42, how many of each type of bouquet should be made to maximize the revenue for the Floral Factory? Final Exam Review Part I 26 @2004 Janice Epstein. Al] rights reserved ...
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