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Chapter 6 Review Pg. 8

Chapter 6 Review Pg. 8 - Final Exam Practice Problems —...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Practice Problems — Sets and Counting Copyright©2004 Janice Epstein. All rights reserved 8. A box contains 3 red, 4 green and one blackjelly beans. In how many ways can 3-01“ 2 be selected from this box where all are the same color? \ Mumm 9J4+aa Cheese. clug WBMWOKWSMFM i— dnooseaflfiwisg‘im (Wm iRG‘iMi‘J‘Q‘? c 3);.) ,ij meow Peri ”0+ PM W '0 WWW Final Exam Review Part 2 1.5 @2004 Janice Epstein. Al] rights reserved ...
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