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Chapter 3 Review Pg. 7

Chapter 3 Review Pg. 7 - Final Exam Practice Problems —...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Practice Problems — Linear Programming: A Graphical Approach Copyright @2004 Janice Epstein. All rights reserved 7. A dietician can purchase an ounce of chicken for $0.18 and an ounce of potatoes for $0.06. Each ounce of chicken contains 16 units of protein and 18 units of carbohydrates. Each ounce of potatoes contains 8 units of protein and 30 units of carbohydrates. The minimum daily requirements for the patients under the dietician's care are 40 units of protein and 60 units of carbohydrates. of each type of food should the dietician prepare to while meeting the daily requirements? /)<-;:' 43:} 0490?; dudcm 3 geisbtip’Oé VWCS (main/n Final Exam Review Part I 22 @2004 Janice Epstein. Al] rights reserved ...
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