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Unformatted text preview: N4465 Care of Vulnerable Populations COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT, ANALYSIS, and NURSING INTERVENTION Modules 1-3 (Weeks 1– 3) Assignment Template Use of the Three-Part Course Template ● The use of the three-part template to submit weekly Major Course Paper Assignments goes as follows: ● Week 1: Windshield Survey and Key Informant Interviews. Complete the First Section of the course template and submit. (Keep this section attached to Weeks 2 and 3 assignments.) ● Week 2: Statistical Analysis of Community Health Problem. Complete the Second Section of the course template and submit. (Keep this section attached to Weeks 1 and 3 assignments.) ● Week 3: Community Health Nursing Intervention. Complete the Third Section of the course template and submit. By now, you should have Sections 1-3 as one whole document. ● Each section of the course template is submitted on a WEEKLY basis, depending on which week you are working on. DO NOT wait to submit all three sections at the end of the third week. ● Please note that students are not to make any changes to the content of the course template, for example, removal of questions or examples imbedded in the response box of the template. ● Removal of the questions or examples imbedded in the response box of the template is considered tampering with the content and will result in a 10-point grade deduction per assignment. Should removal of the questions or examples imbedded in the response box of the template persist by the student, in addition to the 10-point deduction, the student will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct for final disposition. You are strongly encouraged to be mindful of this course policy. Rev. F_2018 ● The ONLY change students may make to the template is to enlarge the space to make their entries in the response boxes. ● Should you encounter any difficulties with any aspect of these assignments, please consult with your Academic Coach. We are glad to assist you! Rev. F_2018 Windshield Survey and Key Informant Interviews Assignment #1 Student Name: Mary Scott Date: 01/18/2019 Name of Community or Zip Code: North Garland Area 75044 Module One (Week One): Part One Windshield Survey and Key Informant Interviews Please complete the following information on this template about the community you have selected. If you do not use this template there will be a 10- point grade penalty per assignment, and you will be required to resubmit within 48 hrs. You may increase the size of the blocks on the template by continuing to type within each section. Use as much space as necessary to provide your answers. Elements Descriptors Physical Environment Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if something was not found within your community area. ● Boundaries What defines the boundaries? Roads, water, railroads. The boundaries of 75044 are set in place by the City of Garland. There are not specific marking to define the boundary, they are set by man-made roads. The boundaries are somewhat of a U-shape and use multiple roads on each side. Is the area known for a particular name? The area as a whole is not known by any particular name but sections inside the area are referenced by their community, golf course, mall, or preserve name. Areas include “Firewheel” named after the golf course, multiple subdivisions, and mall as well as “Spring Creek” named after the area school and Spring Creek Preserve. What 1area is this community located in? 75044 is located in the north-most part of Garland, TX, surrounded by other parts of Garland, the border of Sachse, TX, and the border of Plano, TX. Rev. F_2018 3 ● Housing and Zoning What is the age of the houses? 2 According to “the median age of Garland real estate is 35 years old.” Describe type of construction material, appearance, and general condition. The majority of the houses in the area are brick and mortar houses. Some houses are covered in siding or stone partially. When you travel through each neighborhood, you find cookie-cutter” houses which seem to be built by the same builders so every other street looks very similar to the last. The neighborhoods are middle to 4 upper-class neighborhoods that are well kept. Garland’s Code Compliance & Neighborhood HOAs require houses to meet a certain guideline including having no outside paint chipping off, no trash in the yard or driveway, and the yard to be well-kept which helps to keep the neighborhoods in pristine condition. Do you see single family housing? Multi-family housing? I would say that approximately 80% of house in this area are single-family homes, 10% are multiple-family homes including duplexes & condos, & the remaining 10% include apartments or retirement communities. ● Common Meeting Places Where do people in the neighborhood hang out? There are multiple places I noticed people hanging out. The Firewheel golf course has a country club, the Starbucks on North Garland Road, as well as the Spring Creek Forest Preserve. Who hangs out there and what hours of the day? The majority of the people who hang out at the Firewheel Golf Course are older, working class men during the afternoon and early evening. After school, the golf course is open to the area high schools who have a golf team so you see more teenagers there but they tend to hang out outside of the country club instead of actually sitting down and eating and drinking inside. The Starbucks has a wide array of people who hang out inside the store. The type of Rev. F_2018 people includes mothers with children, young singles socializing, students working on school work or simply socializing, and business people completing work or holding interviews. There are people hanging out at Starbucks at all hours of the day but the clientele tends to change as the hours change. Lastly the Spring Creek Preserve has running groups that meet in the early morning and evening that run the trails. The groups I observed were mostly middle-aged men and women but included a few younger adults as well. I also observed in the afternoon multiple mothers with children allowing their children to play at the park and eat lunch or snacks. ● Indicators of Growth or Decline Is this a “thriving” community or does it look “run down?” This is a thriving community that is well-kept. Is there new or ongoing construction? Currently there is ongoing construction. Most of the residential areas are at max capacity, so home growth has halted but commercial building has increased greatly in the last year. The area on the service roads of President George Bush are being built up commercially. Currently there is construction to build high-end apartments, new medical/dental offices, gas stations, & restaurants. Businesses and Industries coming to the area? Currently there is construction to build high-end apartments, new medical/dental offices, gas stations, & restaurants. Are buildings, roadways, and public areas clean and well-kept? 5 The majority of buildings in the area have been built in that last 5 years and are in great condition. In the last year, Garland passed a road construction program to repave any roads that needed potholes filled in, cracks repaved, medians are updated with stones and trees, as well as sidewalks placed in areas where people walk and there currently were not attached sidewalks. They just completed repaving the main road in Firewheel Estates to ensure smooth driving. All of the roads observed were in great condition. All public areas observed were clean and well-kept. I observed one Rev. F_2018 6 day that they had city staff picking up trash in the medians to ensure the cleanliness of the city. Do you see dirt, trash, or graffiti? There is dirt in some areas where construction has begun. There was no dirt, trash, or graffiti observed in areas where there should not be. There were light amounts of trash on the service roads but as I stated there were crews out picking it up to continue to keep the area beautiful. No trash was observed on the sidewalks or yards in the area as Garland provides bulk trash and regular trash weekly. No graffiti was observed on any of the buildings in the area. ● Employment Opportunities What places for employment are there in this area? There are no large factories or high-volume businesses in the area. Most of them include small businesses, golf courses, restaurants, franchise businesses, gas stations, urgent cares, free-standing ERs and fire stations. Name the businesses and industries in this area. Stores in the area include Target, Office Depot, Michaels, Petsmart, Mattress Firm, UPS Shipping store. Restaurants, fast food & sit-down, include Red Robin, Noodle Thai, Cheddars, Desparados, Chick-fil-a, Panda Express, Sonic, Pizza Hut & Starbucks. There are multiple banks which include Chase, Texas Credit Union, Regions, & Capital One. There are a few urgent care and medical clinics which include Baylor Scott & White Family Medical Clinic, Pediatric After-Hours, Carter Bloodcare, as well as many retirement communities. There are also a few small businesses which include the Firewheel Golf Course, Duck Creek Golf Club, raging Wire Data Centers and Luxor Staffing. There’s one fitness center in the area called Lifetime Fitness. The area has multiple gas stations, Exxon, Chevron, & 7 Eleven as well as mechanic shops including Jiffy Lube, Firestone, city Garage and Auto Zone. How to people get from one place to another? ●Transportation Rev. F_2018 The area is a very affluent area so the majority of transportation is through individuals driving their own vehicles. The city does provide public transportation through DART, there were multiple stops observed in the area. The city also provides transportation to all students that are over 1 mile from their schools and since garland allows choice of school the morning and afternoons are filled with school buses on the roadways. Is public transportation available? The city of garland provides public transportation through DART buses which have multiple stops in the area. How timely is it? The DART buses have stops that range from 15 minutes in between pick-up to 2 hours between pickup depending on the area. The stops tend to be on time but there is an app that reports any delays in order to alert people riding. Personal autos? Personal autos are the majority of transportation observed. Bikes? The only bikes observed were children riding their bikes to school as well as a few individuals on trails. Due the tollway in the area, bikes tend to be a lower rate of transportation. Walking? Most people observed walking were observed walking children to school or walking for pleasure or physical exercise, not to actually go to a certain place. People ● Race and Ethnicity Rev. F_2018 Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if something was not found within your community area. What is the majority racial group represented? What is the majority ethnic group represented? 7 The majority racial and Ethnic group in this area is pretty even between White Caucasians and Hispanics. The area is very mixed in diversity, there were all racial and ethnic groups observed in the area, especially the schools due to the ability to choose the school wanted for your child. Children and families in the area may not live directly in the area because they chose a school in a better neighborhood than where they lived which may sway what was observed. Describe the distribution of gender, approximate ages, single families, multiple families, generational families? The distribution of gender is pretty equal in men and women due the homes being single-family homes normally owned by a family. Most families in the area tend to be in their late 30s to 40s with single or multiple children. They tend to be observed outside playing with their children or on walks throughout the neighborhood. I did not observe multiple families or generational families except for my neighbor who I know have the parents, their kids, and grandkids all living in the same home. ● Cultural Characteristics What cultural similarities or differences do you observe? Culturally observing I know there are differences and diversity in the area but was not able to physically observe any differences made in the community. The majority of people in the area seem to be Americanized and trend toward the American culture and observe American cultures. We do have a few neighbors that celebrate Cinco de Mayo and some other Hispanic holidays but they also observe the American holidays too. Languages spoken? The main language spoken in the area is English but most stores have people who8 are bilingual in English and Spanish and the schools provide ESL for students so there is diversity even if it is not always seen. Clothing? Rev. F_2018 Only small amounts of people were observed in cultural clothing such as hijabs. The majority of people are clothed in American clothing. Ethnic eating places? There are a few Hispanic, Chinese, Thai & Asian restaurants in the area but the majority are franchises and fast food. Culturally-based celebrations? The city of Garland has multiple celebrations throughout the year and try to incorporate all cultures, for example last year they had a celebration for the Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo and the Day of the Dead. Signs in languages other than English? Signs in the area are in English. There was a church observed that had Vietnamese writing under the name as well as some restaurants names are in Spanish but traffic and streets signs were all observed in English. ● Lifestyle Healthy Behaviors What healthy lifestyle behaviors do you observe? Multiple healthy lifestyles behaviors were observed including people walking, running, and biking. Adults buying healthy food and vitamins at the grocery store. People choosing to sit in the nonsmoking section at restaurants as well as ordering healthy foods such as salads or grilled meats and veggies. Children outside playing at the park, participating in recess during school, and playing sports at the park and school. There were multiple people observed playing games of golf at the local golf courses. Do you see people exercising, wearing helmets when biking, seat belt usage, using trash cans for garbage disposal, healthy eating practices? Multiple people were observed exercising. Some people biking 9 were observed with helmets but most did not have helmets. The majority of people that were observed driving were wearing seatbelts and I did not observe any children out of car seats. The city provides two trashcans and one recycle bin for trash as well as Rev. F_2018 bulk pickup once a week. People in public area were observed using trashcans but there was a small amount of trash in some parking lots but they seem to be cleaned daily. Other than at sit down restaurants I could not observe healthy eating but the fact that the local grocery stores have specific sections with organic and healthy food means the community is buying and eating these items. ● Lifestyle Risk Behaviors What unhealthy lifestyle behaviors do you observe? The city of Garland has a grandfathered in law that allows smoking in some restaurants that were built before the law was passed so people are observed smoking and vaping in public. Other people were observed smoking outside of stores and in public areas such as waiting for buses. Some people were observed riding bikes without helmets and driving without seatbelts. As well as people observed buying unhealthy foods in grocery stores. Do you see people practicing risky lifestyle behaviors such as drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, fighting? People were observed in restaurants drinking and smoking as well as seeing people buying alcohol and cigarettes at convenience stores and grocery stores. No people were observed fighting. Do you see signs of violence, gang activity, drug use, criminal activity, and bars on doors and/or windows? No signs of violence, criminal or gang activity was observed in the area. Many houses have security systems but houses were without bars or doors on the windows. Some convenience stores have pull-down secure systems or do not allow people in the actual store late at night but I think this is common practice with small convenience stores. No drug use was observed. Do you see overweight/underweight persons? Most people seen were in good health, but with any area, the area had a small amount of underweight and overweight people. Do you see children unattended playing out in the streets? Rev. F_2018 Most children observed playing were with family. A small number of children were observed at the school park without an adult but they looked around 13 years old and had cell phones to call home if needed. Do you see any signs of homelessness? There were no signs of homelessness in the area. No people were observed soliciting for money on the streets and no signs of people living or staying under bridges or behind stores for shelter. Street people? There were no signs of street people. No people loitering outside of stores, begging for money, or pushing their belongings around on the streets. Describe gender, age, and race/ethnicity of persons observed. The majority of people observed were equally male and female. Ages observed were anywhere from newborn babies to elderly people. The area is very diverse in ages but the majority of people observed were mothers and fathers with their children. Most people were Caucasian or Hispanic in race/ethnicity. ● Poverty Indications Do you see any signs of homelessness? There were no signs of homelessness in the area. No people were observed soliciting for money on the streets and no signs of people living or staying under bridges or behind stores for shelter. Street people? There were no signs of street people. No people loitering outside of stores, begging for money, or pushing their belongings around on the streets. Describe gender, age, and race/ethnicity of persons observed. No homeless or street people were observed. Rev. F_2018 Services in the Community ● Social Services Make sure you address fully what you observed and NOTE if something was not found within your community area, how far away it is and how people will access it. Do you see evidence of recreation centers, parks, and social services? In the 75044 area there is one recreation center named Holford Park Recreation Center, there are two parks (The Spring Creek Forest Preserve & the Firewheel Golf Park) along with playgrounds outside every elementary school. Garland has social services but they are not within the area observed. For services that are not available, how far must persons travel to access these services? Social Services are offered within Garland, TX just not within the area observed. All services are within a 10-minute drive from 75044. They include the Good Samaritans of Garland, The Salvation Army, Ready Start Inc, The Leadership Dude, victim Relief Ministries & Last Harvest. These services offer housing assistance, food pantries, assistance with electricity bills as well as help receiving medical/mental health services. Describe each. The Holford Recreation Center is open 6 days a week and available to the public. It provides services such as preschool activities, arts & crafts, piano & guitar classes, as well as yoga, jazzercise and multiple different types of dance classes. They charge a small fee for residents of Garland and non-residents ranging from $5-$45 a year. Outside the recreation center is a great park for the kids to play at for free. It has a large jungle gym with slides as well as swings and monkey bars. The Spring Creek Forest Preserve is a nature trail that include long and short trails. It is great for walkers, runners and bikers. The trails are full of wildlife and trees where you can walk through both wooded and open areas. The Firewheel Golf Course is a great golf course for adults and teenagers to use to play golf. It is the main attraction in the area. There are ...
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