lesson 10b - The UTS Web Testing System Test Lesson 10...

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The UTS Web Testing System Test: Lesson 10 Climate Change the Solutions Date: 03/29/2007 Time: 21:02:25 America/New_York User: klm5165 Miller Kelly L. IP: Test Pilot Submission Confirmation Thank you for your submission! You received 42 out of a possible 42 points or 100% Read through the following article on the effects of global climate change on the American Pika. World Wildlife Federation News What effect is global climate change having on the pikas? Increase in UV light is causing these thin skinned mammals to develope cancer Increase in temperature is reducing the amount of habitat available to these mammals Change in weather patterns associated with global warming has effected these nocturnal mammals These mammals are allergic to carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. As a result, they are quickly becoming extinct. Correct!! Research results show that American pikas are particularly vulnerable to global warming because they reside in areas with cool, relatively moist climates like those normally found in their mountaintop habitat. As temperatures rise due to increasing emissions of CO2 and other heat-trapping gases, many montane animals are expected to migrate northward or seek higher elevations in an attempt to find suitable habitat. The American pika appears not as well-equipped as other species to handle this environmental shift. Results also suggest that climate may be interacting with other factors such as proximity to roads and smaller habitat area to increase extinction risk for pikas, creating detrimental synergistic effects. This response was awarded 3 points out of a possible maximum of 3 points. According to the Kyoto protocol, select those countries which did NOT have to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions? India Australia China Mexico Japan Correct. India is a developing nation. No reduction Correct. Although Australia is a developed nation they can increase their
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emissions! Good negotiator! Correct. China is a developing nation. No reduction
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lesson 10b - The UTS Web Testing System Test Lesson 10...

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