English~ Observation Essay - The Love for the Game Five...

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The Love for the Game Five basketball players I have been observing for the past three weeks during their practice time at the Recreation Center illustrate a new meaning for hard work. The group not only has a great love for the game but they put forth a 100 percent effort towards succeeding. Each individual has his own responsibility which the group expects from him. The team has weaknesses at times but their passion for winning over-powers their struggles. At first I considered the team to be a group of excellent players due to the fact that they practice very well. But after time and many observations I came to understand that each individual has his own weakness which I did not see at first. For instance, Joe is the tallest player on the team, plays center and usually plays in or around the free-throw lane near the basket. His duties are to rebound the ball after missed shots, score lay ups, block shots, and to defend the opponent. But his down fall is he cannot make a shot from the three point range. Phillip is the second tallest guy on the team and plays power forward next to Joe under the basket. His duties
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English~ Observation Essay - The Love for the Game Five...

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