English-rough draft - 1 The Meaning of Writing Writing is...

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1 The Meaning of Writing Writing is the act of putting words together and forming meaningful sentences, so that others can comprehend it in another type of communication. It’s the enjoyment of exercising the brain to translate thoughts and ideas onto paper or into the computer. Myself as a writer uses this form of communication in multiple situations: daily and weekly agendas, notes during class, academic papers, and letters. In addition, it helps me get away from everything else, so I’m in my own little world and not have to worry about anyone or anything for the time being. Although writing may come with its ups and downs, I find ways to overcome my troubles. Writing is something I started at a young age and has changed as the years went by. The first time I remember writing something was in the first grade. Although I cannot recall the exact day or time, I remember when my teacher, by the name of Mrs. Marry, would write sentences on the dark, black chalkboard and the class would have to copy it into our multi-color notebooks. The exercise helped us learn to write words in a neat manner. I would write my words down on paper without knowing what they meant or how to pronounce them. Therefore, words were a group of letters that did not mean anything to me. My classmates and I would have competitions to see who could write the fastest, while still writing neat. I remember being the
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English-rough draft - 1 The Meaning of Writing Writing is...

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