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Requirements & Specification, ESOF 328, Spring 2018 “Documenting the Requirements”, Chapter 10 Evaluate the following requirements and write new requirements if necessary. R01. Invalid commodity income, less than on Next button press While compiling the data, if the expected income of a commodity is less than 0 when the user presses the ‘Next’ button, the program does not continue to the next screen. Rationale: Gross revenue cannot be negative for any commodity. Priority: Imperative Requirements checklist: Satisfied? Why or why not? Identified by a number Identified by a short phrase Prioritized (imperative, important, desired) Rationale is given Tells what is required Tells under what situation Clearly written, unambiguous Avoids premature design C an’t be broken into multiple more clear requirements Necessary requirement (also check that it wouldn’t be better expressed as a non-functional requirement) Realistic Testable Stands on its own other requirements don’t need to be examined to understand what this means Uses terms/approach consistent with the rest of the document Problems: Identifying short phrase is not very short Includes premature design Rewrite: R01. Validate commodity gross revenue Gross revenue value for any commodity cannot be negative. If a negative value is entered the system shall provide feedback to the user. There is no restriction on the maximum value. Rationale: Gross revenue for any commodity cannot be negative. Priority: Imperative
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R02. Print report selection When the ‘Print report’ button is selected, a standard Windows print dialog is created. Rational: Windows standard Priority: Desired Satisfied? Why or why not?
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