Journal-Week 2

Journal-Week 2 - LEARNING JOURNAL Concept/Topic- Impact Of...

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LEARNING JOURNAL 1 Concept/Topic- Impact Of The First 6 Years Of Life The impact of early life is tremendous toward the development in later years. What we as humans learn, value, and fear in our first six years are issues that we will more than likely have to face throughout our entire life. The importance of understanding these issues is placed on individuals so they may confront the issue at its source, themselves. It is easy to blame others for our problems, but if we are able to look at ourselves in the mirror and find the root of our problems, the ability to work and cooperate with others greatly increases. The ability to understand our problems from our youth gives us the chance to take back control of our own lives and steer them in the direction of our choosing. Sensational- I think that the impact of the first six years of life is an issue that is important through our entire lives. An understanding of our early growth is an essential concept that we all should have in order to take our feelings and emotions into account. Without an understanding of our early development, it appears that we would have few ideas as to issues that burden us through our adult lives. To understand our past, we gain the ability to understand our present and future. The gift of understanding is priceless in our development. I value the impact of our childhood on our adult lives because it gives us the answer to the questions that burden us the most. Without our understanding of this impact, we would never be able to put an answer to the questions in our lives. Example: There are many people in life who have trust issues because in the past they were hurt or neglected by people who they cared for. This hurt carries into their adult lives and affects their relationships with other adults in a possibly very restrictive way. Non-Example: There are many people out there who will just use neglect as an excuse for their actions. Though they may have been hurt or neglected in the past, this is not an excuse to commit crimes or hurt others. How About- Issues in the first six years of someone’s life are very important. The more we learn and study the impact of these issues, the more we are able to understand our actions and emotions as adults. It really is amazing the amount of troubles we carry on with us from our childhood all the way through to adulthood. These
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Journal-Week 2 - LEARNING JOURNAL Concept/Topic- Impact Of...

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