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Journal-Week 3 - LEARNING JOURNAL Concept/Topic- Early...

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LEARNING JOURNAL 1 Concept/Topic- Early Adulthood In early adulthood, an age ranging from 21 all the way to 34, young men and women begin to leave their adolescence world and the values they cherish, and move on to a world of financial and personal independence. During this time, these individuals begin to question their role in society. What is important about this transition is that it is a key time for these men and women to find a place for them in the large world. Some of these individuals will find themselves connecting with a group of people, or a loved one, while others will face hardships in finding peer groups, and will end up isolated, or living close to their parents. After reading this section, I spoke with my boyfriend who just turned 21, and he seemed to agree with the concepts of early adulthood. He also stated that he found great importance on separating himself from his adolescence period. Not because he wanted to necessarily, but because it is an important transition that everyone must take. Sensational- This idea of early adulthood is that starting around the age of 21, adolescents will begin to seek out independence. The type of independence the individual chooses is completely up to them, but usually involves financial and social independence from their parents. During this transition, early adults will begin to seek out peer groups similar to themselves. Because the individual is questioning their role in society, they tend to end up with people who are quite similar to them. Conforming into a social class is not easy for everyone, and some early adults struggle and end up isolated. I believe that the struggle for placement and the search for peer groups is the most important part of early adulthood. Most people must find a close group of friends in order to gain the necessary comfort to adapt to the outside world. Example: Young adults who leave for college usually make friends that will last a lifetime. By finding close friends in a new environment, the early adult has begun to adapt into the eventual person they will become in life. Non-Example:
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Journal-Week 3 - LEARNING JOURNAL Concept/Topic- Early...

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