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child prostitution - juvenile detention center where the...

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In this article I would focus on the main idea of "personal troubles vs. public issues." The author tells us how in society today we have a public issuse of child/ teenage prostitution. He does this by telling us the story of a young girl named Nicolette, who lived her childhood mostly abusive and unloved, which resulted in her turning to child prostitution. This is because her "pimp" offered to take care of her. I believe that Nicolette thinks she is doing nothing wrong even though what she is doing is completely frowned upon in society or sociologically unaccceptable. So this shows us that Nicolette is living as a psychological being rather than a sociological one. I believe that people like Nicolette could get better, but society does not try to help them as much as they should. The author tells us that judges are sentencing these young children with living in a
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Unformatted text preview: juvenile detention center where the child could possibly run away, rather than giving them a sentence like an adult. I believe this could possibly be another public issue. I believe that the matter of the kids getting better relates to idea of how individuals can only understand their own personal fate first, by locating themselves in some larger historical context and, second, by understanding the lives of others around them who live in similar circumstances. Meaning if these kids could just get proper help they could possibly get better. If they could just see that what they are doing is not their only option then they could heal and get better. This is just a few examples of how I believe this article relates to the idea of "personal trouble vs. public issues."...
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