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lled - In the article"Learning in the Key of Life John...

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In the article "Learning in the Key of Life" , John Spayde argues that "The whole world is a classroom." Through all my experiences and struggles I have learned many things, and therefore I agree with what he says. Growing up I have always followed the famous saying that goes "live and learn." By keeping these words in my mind at all times, I have been able to learn and experience a lot just by using the whole world as my classroom. From the moment I started learning to speak, walk, count, and recongize colors I was using the world as my classroom. The people around me were not only teaching me these things, but they would also give me everyday examples to help me learn. For example my mother used m & m's to help me learn my colors and numbers. She would take three blue m &m's and ask me what color they were, and how many she had. If I got it right I was able to eat the candies, however if I got it wrong she ate them. Being a little kid chocolate candies were a big reward and therefore made me want to learn more. Little everyday things like
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