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climate - would make another public issue the people we...

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In this article I would mainly focus on the sociological idea of "personal troubles vs. public issues." The writer tells us how the changing climate and global warming could possiblity be the biggest issue to ever take place, and yet our goverment is ignoring it and pretending nothing is wrong. I believe that the "personal trouble" would be the people in today's society learning to live and use less things that are causing this climate change, such as cars and other things hurting the planet. This makes the public issue the climate change and pollution overall. Another public issue would be how our governments choosing to ignore this problem is effecting the rest of society. The author tells us "The Bush Administration remains in denial about climate change even though its closest overseas ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, said in September that climate change is the single biggest longterm problem his nation faces." This tells us that some governments are trying to fix this issue, even though the United States government is not. This
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Unformatted text preview: would make another public issue the people we elect, into the government who ignore this issus. Along with personal and public issues we have how people live as psychological and sociological beings. Psychologically I think people know about these climate problems and know they should do something about them. However, I believe that to live a normal life in society and live as a normal sociological beings people have to take part in some things that affect the enviroment. Some of these things include riding in cars, using products like hairsprays and paints that hurt the ozone layer, buying products that were made in factories where a lot of wastes were produced, etc. If society today doesn't change its hard to tell where we will be in the future. These are just a few examples of how I think this article on climate change fits into the idea of personal troubles vs. public issues....
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