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Essay #3- Flying to DC Preston Straight 12/15/07 If I were a school principle at a high school and parents told me that they wanted their kids to drive to D.C. instead of flying due to terrorism, I would have to insist that flying is a safer way and if we drove to D.C. we would have no time to tour D.C. I am from D.C. and when I came out to Colorado both years I drove. It is a long and exhausting drive. If a bus took us from Colorado to D.C. it would take a minimum of 18 hours. If the field trip is going to be less than a week long, two days are already lost commuting to and from D.C. Due to time restraints I would advise the parents to allow their kids fly or they will not be able to go with their classmates to D.C. Ever since the last successful terrorism attack of 911, the total number of deaths due to automobile accidents stands at 40,000 per year. Plane related deaths, post 911, average at 200 deaths per year. Knowing these numbers, flying a plane to D.C. is a much
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Unformatted text preview: safer mode of transportation. In our minds, we have a fear of flying ever since 911. We have to get past the emotional fears and look at it scientifically. Our hypothesis for our experiment is: What is safer, flying to D.C. or driving? To collect data we think about many different aspects of the trip. First off, driving to D.C. takes about six times longer than flying. 18 hours to only 3. Knowing this you are six times more likely to get into a crash since you are on the road six times longer. We also have the data of 40,000 car deaths to 200 plane deaths a year. With these two points alone we can see that flying is a much safer form of transportation even though we are fearful of flying. The difference between scientific thinking and normal thinking is that scientifically no emotions can be used, only facts. The facts show that flying is safer....
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