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Astro 1020 HW 8B - get such a different angle on the moon...

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HW 8B: Astronomy Picture of the Day Preston Straight Astronomy 1020 10/21/07 October 11, 2007- Bright Planets and the Crescent Moon In this picture you can see Regales, Saturn, Titan, and Venus. In the middle, you can also see the crescent moon. I have never seen the moon portrayed as a crescent moon but still able to see the entire surface of the moon. Finally I get to see the dark side of the moon. I am guessing this picture had to been taken from outside our atmosphere since we
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Unformatted text preview: get such a different angle on the moon. It could have been either taken from Hubble or from a spacecraft flying by. In this image Venus is very bright unlike what it usually looks like. Either we were very close to Venus when we took this picture or the time exposure on the picture was held for a long time. As well as these main images in the picture, the backdrop is of many distant stars that we are unable to classify....
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